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Tips on Forming Teams

Workplace Teams

The worksite offers an excellent environment in which to promote employee wellness. With an existing infrastructure of meeting facilities, training focus, and communication to potential participants, worksite programs can often achieve a greater degree of participation than community-based wellness activities.

  • Post a sign-up sheet at the water fountain or on the bulletin board.
  • Send e-mail to employees.
  • Form teams from various departments, work shifts or building floors to develop some friendly competition.
  • Established weight loss support groups could become involved to add new interest and incentive to their current programs.

Family Teams

Family support is an extremely effective way to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. Introduce the idea of your family teaming up to improve health during dinner or some other family activity. Whether they live with you or not, incorporate your extended family as well to help bring everyone closer together.

  • Designate your refrigerator as the team bulletin board.
  • Chart successes for family motivation.
  • Encourage family walking with a pedometer or a predetermined path.
  • Decide on some specific family prizes for each member or the entire team when you achieve your goals.
  • Track the number and kind of produce your family eats.

Community Teams

Community boards and clubs are involved in many challenging decisions. Improving healthy lifestyle habits could lead to better stress management and better decisions. Community boards and clubs also act as examples to the citizens on how it improves their health. Better health leads to a better quality of life and a stronger community.

  • Various community boards and clubs can offer a challenge to one another to walk the most miles, lose the most pounds, eat the most fruits and vegetables, etc.
  • The community can work together to mark walking routes with distances, open public buildings such as schools for walking at designated times and encourage
  • local businesses to provide incentives.
  • Place a "thermometer" in town showing the progress of the whole community toward better health habits.

Faith Community Teams

Having a support group monitor and encourage progress in health goals is always beneficial. Your faith community could help meet that need along with the fun and fellowship of working on a common goal of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

  • Post a sign-up sheet on the church bulletin board
  • Put information in the bulletin and newsletter
  • Encourage other faith communities in your area to participate and develop some friendly competition.

Older Adult Teams

Whether these are teams at your senior or community centers, grandparent/grandchild teams, or a group from your coffee clutch; forming an older adult team provides a great social outlet that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

  • Contact the local "Area Agency on Aging" to promote the program in its newsletters
  • Create competition between meal sites and/or senior centers in various communities.
  • Promote on the local cable TV station and radio stations.
  • Write articles for newspapers and newsletters.

Sounds great, let's get started!

Start by registering your team or sign in to the Shape Up Montana website.

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Tips for Success

Does your building have long hallways that might offer a location for walking in inclement weather? Measure the length to determine distance walked. Borrow a measuring wheel from a local athletic group and make maps available of various routes. List local resources for walking, i.e. city walking paths, school tracks, malls, gymnasiums and around the inside of a large store. Having a support group to monitor and encourage progress in health goals is always beneficial. Your business' wellness committee could help meet that need along with the fun and fellowship of working on a common goal of physical wellbeing.

Important Dates

  • Registration Begins: December
  • Registration Ends: January 31 (late entries accepted)
  • Paper Entry Deadline: January 22
  • FREE T-shirt Deadline: Must register by January 31 to receive free t-shirt.
  • Program Date: February 1 to May 1
  • Monthly Reporting Dates for Weight Division: February 1, March 1, April 1, and May 1
  • Virtual Walk/Run: March 15 to May 1 (Reporting Deadline to receive commemorative medal is May 6)

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