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Shape Up Activity Leader Board

The Shape Up Montana Leader Board displays the average miles per team member. For privacy, we won't display any weight information. This information will be posted on a weekly basis to provide feedback and help encourage logging. Use the records dropdown to select how many records to display on the page. Click the column heading to change the sorting and use the included search functionality to find your team. Please note that the Leader Board does not represent final placing.

The Leader Board will be updated on Mondays.

Date Posted: 03/02 11:36am

Division Fresh Start

  Team Name Location Average Activity*
1GMC AvengersGlendive, MT287.15 miles
2Bust a Benjamin (BAB)Fromberg, MT223.91 miles
3Stay-At-HomiesHelena, MT32.71 miles
4Flabs to AbsColumbia Falls, MT210.34 miles
5Flatten the CurveHelena, MT61.20 miles
6Go getter girlsRoundup, MT0.00 miles
7The Booze BunniesLaurel, MT40.03 miles
8Cut the CabooseBillings, MT102.03 miles
9Malta Team 3.14Malta, MT76.90 miles
10Lean QueensHelena, MT108.57 miles
11I like OreosHelena, MT12.80 miles
12Team 406Cascade, MT122.58 miles
13Billings ACEDBillings, MT133.99 miles
14The Diddly SquatsBillings, MT140.13 miles
15Abby's West Side AngelsBillings, MT2.35 miles
16BC Winners!Billings, MT179.31 miles
17COVID Calorie CrushersBillings, MT237.36 miles
18Just us girlsHarlem, MT0.84 miles
19NEW YEAR NEW YOUGreat Falls, MT62.94 miles
20Warehouse WarriorsBillings, MT41.99 miles
212021 Fresh StartGildford, MT37.20 miles
22Bootie BustersBoulder, MT131.32 miles
23Fit HappensForsyth, MT89.74 miles
24Team 59327Forsyth, MT103.15 miles
25W/MOAMGildford, MT323.92 miles
26White Claws DownGlendive, MT243.01 miles
27Blood, sweat n coffee beansBrowning, MT1.62 miles
28Panting PanthersBillings, MT72.80 miles
29Stop Drop & SquatFallon, MT175.86 miles
30BC Team TamaleBillings, MT38.59 miles
31Wannabe ChallengeBillings, MT206.37 miles
32Holy WalkamoliesHelena, MT113.49 miles
33Floor ShakersLaurel, MT52.76 miles
34Willow Creek Noodle ProsWillow Creek, MT170.86 miles
35FLAB-U-LESSHardin, MT90.50 miles
36Lincoln LoggersBillings, MT60.26 miles
37CU CLUB MEDBillings, MT151.83 miles
38IB Shaping UpHavre, MT146.53 miles
39Not Fast, Just FuriousTorrington, WY83.80 miles
40Perseverance PlusMissoula, MT104.85 miles
41BGCRCSidney, MT102.26 miles
42IN-DENIALHardin, MT64.87 miles
43Cardio is HardioImperial, NE141.33 miles
44It's Fine!Columbus, MT52.58 miles
45Cushing Terrell - MissoulaMissoula, MT116.05 miles
46RSHHLongdistanceladiesBillings, MT63.27 miles
47M.M.F.A.Hardin, MT68.58 miles
48RSHLongdistanceLord&ladiesBillings, MT71.71 miles
49Run Like the WindHardin, MT105.94 miles
50The Walkie TalkiesHardin, MT28.11 miles
51Jiggles and GigglesHardin, MT122.42 miles
52OverachieversHardin, MT24.57 miles
53Arrowhead SchoolGardiner, MT131.55 miles
54Goal DiggersBillings, MT113.03 miles
55Jacoby Insurance GroupHelena, MT31.15 miles
56Still PhatHardin, MT147.54 miles
57Hakuna MasquataHardin, MT256.24 miles
58Blackfeet Covid-BustersBrowning, MT41.56 miles
59DOWL Die HardsBillings, MT283.21 miles
60Heck Yeah!Belgrade, MT183.88 miles
61Run Like the WindedBillings, MT58.56 miles
62BC-Holy WalkamoliesBillings, MT58.77 miles
63Jones +1Laurel, MT124.80 miles
64Shape ShiftersHelena, MT103.60 miles
65Eureka!Rexford, MT35.52 miles
66Tooth FairiesForsyth, MT35.99 miles
67RMHN SUM FunBillings, MT103.72 miles
68Strong today, sore tomorrowBozeman, MT17.58 miles
69Orange LadiesHardin, MT28.39 miles
70Carb Loaders AnonymousMissoula, MT67.53 miles
71Team Whiskey Tango FoxtrotBillings, MT5.67 miles
73Cushing Terrell - Billings BeaversBillings, MT97.58 miles
74IntimidatorsGlendive, MT184.91 miles
75Rocky PowerhouseHelena, MT257.67 miles
76Cushing Terrell - Billings BadgersBillings, MT95.05 miles
77First Community All StarsHelena, MT93.65 miles
78Oh My Quad!Missoula, MT71.06 miles
79OBMT-CrusaderBelgrade, MT141.99 miles
80OBMT - Team AwesomeHelena, MT61.79 miles
81OBMT - ThrashersHelena, MT55.48 miles
82OBMT - Wild ThingsHelena, MT128.20 miles
83OBMT - Total ChaosHelena, MT37.60 miles
84The IV LeagueBROWNING, MT38.75 miles
85Upper Limit of NormalBrowning, MT37.43 miles
86Day TrippingHelena, MT67.56 miles
87The Awesome BlossomsHavre, MT137.06 miles
88Team COPBillings, MT89.27 miles
89Between a Walk and a Hard PlaceDeer Lodge, MT49.38 miles
90Drop It Like A SquatMissoula, MT79.34 miles
91Losin' It in the 406Culbertson, MT110.01 miles
92We Try HardMissoula, MT38.84 miles
932 FAST 2 FURIOUSBILLINGS, MT122.01 miles
94Job Service BozemanBozeman, MT69.75 miles
95Scrambled Legs and Achin'Billings, MT56.66 miles
96Sole MatesBillings, MT5.26 miles
97Get in the AZ Bozone!Bozeman, MT109.52 miles
98Block Booty BustersMissoula, MT71.88 miles
99Team ZooCulesBILLINGS, MT109.02 miles
100Third Party RejectsCut Bank, MT101.94 miles
101On the Sunnyside of the StreetHAVRE, MT93.85 miles
102Keep on the Sunny SideHavre, MT32.93 miles
103FuegoAshland, MT108.82 miles
104Team BlackBillings, MT41.27 miles
105Hysham ZumbaHysham, MT56.21 miles
106CCDHS Calorie CuttersMiles City, MT144.99 miles
107GMC ~ Die LardsGlendive, MT201.69 miles
108Toni ZieglerMalta, MT54.37 miles
109Zoo WarriorsBillings, MT123.28 miles
110CSB MoversHelena, MT60.99 miles
111BenchBillings, MT158.21 miles
112Sole TrainersGlendive, MT38.87 miles
113East Helena Prickly PearsEast Helena, MT91.61 miles
114Eye of the TigerHelena, MT88.14 miles
115GMC-OPPEXGlendive, MT253.05 miles
116Cheyenne Change MakersLame Deer, MT27.99 miles
117Treasure County TransformersHysham, MT72.39 miles
118Boot & Tackle ClubBroadus, MT87.23 miles
119MHA Speedy SlothsHelena, MT60.11 miles
120MHA Great GoatsHelena, MT21.48 miles
121Team Heights!Billings, MT0.00 miles
122MHA Red RhinosHelena, MT50.24 miles
123MC Public Landers - BLMMiles City, MT51.28 miles
124Rosebud LodgeBusby, MT0.18 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Total Fit

  Team Name Location Average Activity*
1A Good BingoSIDNEY, MT81.72 miles
2Y-senheimersBillings, MT286.99 miles
3TDH RockettesGreat Falls, MT168.25 miles
4TD&H Engineering Men's TeamGreat Falls, MT161.28 miles
5Active SolesBillings, MT182.71 miles
6Out Year PlannersMissoula, MT158.05 miles
7CT_3 Girls & a GuyLivingston, MT222.62 miles
8The ChickletsBillings, MT124.84 miles
9The Broadwater BeastsBillings, MT73.96 miles
10Powerful ShesHelena, MT89.14 miles
11Lame DeerLame Deer, MT104.51 miles
12Fuji's WarriorsBillings, MT284.62 miles
13The Powerful ShesHelena, MT124.79 miles
14We Got the RunsBillings, MT99.42 miles
15One More RepBillings, MT101.14 miles
16Flower PowerBillings, MT204.47 miles
17NavigatorsBillings, MT216.59 miles
18TraumaBillings, MT48.62 miles
19Repeat OffendersZurich, MT94.71 miles
20The Savvy SwissMissoula, MT68.96 miles
21Team TammanyCorvallis, MT136.50 miles
22Team-Get On Your FeetBillings, MT87.47 miles
23Tricera-squatsGlendive, MT110.96 miles
24FIB Lunch BucketsBillings, MT52.53 miles
25Women Run Cuz it’s FunBillings, MT87.99 miles
26Cut Bank COVID-9-TeamCUT BANK, MT151.91 miles
27Three Balance Sheets to the WindHelena, MT170.32 miles
28Sensational SeñoritasBillings, MT186.71 miles
29WME WarriorsMissoula, MT100.29 miles
30Old geezer advicePolson, MT0.00 miles
31Muccatooshie timeAshland, MT153.30 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Activity - Family

  Team Name Location Average Activity*
1Oldies but GoodiesBillings, MT88.78 miles
2Hegm1sMISSOULA, MT128.08 miles
3NegahnretsBozeman, MT78.35 miles
4Breen MachinesMissoula, MT78.62 miles
5SpracklinsBillings, MT156.98 miles
6Healthy FunForsyth, MT109.17 miles
7Eleanor DoucetteMALTA, MT2.22 miles
8MM Sister SquadSunburst, MT44.28 miles
9Team BechlerVaughn, MT291.98 miles
10Family ChaosHavre, MT0.00 miles
11Family Fit NutsBillings, MT112.70 miles
12The Misfit FamilyBillings, MT240.98 miles
13Team InstinctHelena, MT41.41 miles
14Lost CauseMissoula, MT105.26 miles
15Something PositiveWorden, MT25.50 miles
16Just BananasBelgrade, MT219.95 miles
17QuattroBillings, MT112.28 miles
18Barreto FamilyBillings, MT9.00 miles
19Grateful GsBillings, MT114.26 miles
20Strissel BangsInverness, MT106.27 miles
21Crawford ClanHEART BUTTE, MT82.96 miles
22Team Awesome SauceHelena, MT108.35 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

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