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Shape Up Activity Leader Board

The Shape Up Montana Leader Board displays the average miles per team member. For privacy, we won't display any weight information. This information will be posted on a weekly basis to provide feedback and help encourage logging. Use the records dropdown to select how many records to display on the page. Click the column heading to change the sorting and use the included search functionality to find your team.

The Leader Board will update on Mondays at 9 am.

Date Posted: 09/19 11:06am

Division Fresh Start

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1Boys & Girls Club of Richland CountySidney, MT0.00108.79 miles
2Holy WalkamoliesHelena, MT0.00493.32 miles
3Muffin Top MavensHelena, MT0.00476.86 miles
4Ameri-CoresBillings, MT0.0077.71 miles
5Mandeville Insurance AgencyAbsarkee, MT0.0083.92 miles
6Twisted BlistersBillings, MT0.00389.31 miles
7Forsyth Fit DreamersForsyth, MT0.00149.55 miles
8Harlo HoneysHarlowton, MT0.0052.72 miles
9Long Term aCheiversHavre, MT0.00270.23 miles
10Flab-You-LessCulbertson, MT0.00143.98 miles
11Long Term Carpe DiemHavre, MT0.00297.66 miles
12JumpstartAshland, MT0.001,270.58 miles
13RSH Busting Germs Blasting FatBillings, MT0.00309.53 miles
14FlabulessPolson, MT0.00274.59 miles
15Move it Move itChester, MT0.00419.92 miles
16Gym Class HeroesLodge Grass, MT0.00270.81 miles
17Hardin Primary 1Huntley, MT0.00167.97 miles
18Mission SlimpossibleBillings, MT0.00356.17 miles
19Peter Yegen Jr., Inc.Billings, MT0.0052.12 miles
20Book BuddiesBillings, MT0.00111.14 miles
21Agony of DaFeetColumbus, MT0.00482.98 miles
22In it to Thin itLaurel, MT0.00414.37 miles
23Magnificent 7Kalispell, MT0.00361.93 miles
24State of Montana - D621Eureka, MT0.00210.59 miles
25Wellness ChallengedDeer Lodge, MT0.00330.88 miles
26BBBBillings, MT0.00179.35 miles
27Clot BustersBillings, MT0.00550.56 miles
28Top TenRyegate, MT0.00314.69 miles
29Hardin Primary 2Huntley, MT0.0094.11 miles
30We're so Vein!Billings, MT0.00147.08 miles
31Plains AdventuresPlentywood, MT0.00272.35 miles
32Shape Up Not OutInverness, MT0.00442.86 miles
33For the fun of itEast Helena, MT282.00318.42 miles
34The ReluctantsLaurel, MT0.00228.19 miles
35Hamilton Hondo'sHamilton, MT0.003.75 miles
36The Skinny DippersKalispell, MT0.00515.10 miles
37Goal DiggersLivingston, MT0.00304.50 miles
38State of Montana - Motion-ally ChallengedButte, MT0.00368.09 miles
39Femme Fit-GalsKalispell, MT0.00411.14 miles
40MC WalkaboutsMiles City, MT0.00646.35 miles
41A Plus Health Care Great FallsGreat Falls, MT0.00627.09 miles
42Trotting TigersManhattan, MT0.00171.63 miles
43In it to WinnettWinnett, MT0.00149.29 miles
44Financially FitBillings, MT0.00217.12 miles
45The Flab-U-Less 10Kalispell, MT0.00361.20 miles
46Red Hot Chili SteppersKalispell, MT0.00343.97 miles
47Health RangersKalispell, MT0.00447.16 miles
48Hanger ManagementNampa, ID0.0063.93 miles
49RSH Bottom DwellersBillings, MT0.00296.43 miles
50LardassiansColumbia Falls, MT0.00416.73 miles
51Colstrip WalkersColstrip, MT0.00255.21 miles
52Walking in a Wheatland WonderlandHarlowton, MT0.00173.81 miles
53We Like To Move ItBelgrade, MT0.00330.26 miles
54The AgentsBillings, MT0.00204.17 miles
55BC COMIBillings, MT0.00283.73 miles
56RSH m1l3sRaw3SOMEBillings, MT0.00686.61 miles
57The Look Better Naked TomorrowsBillings, MT0.00324.96 miles
58Winnett School Shape'n UpWinnett, MT0.00187.54 miles
59RSH Six Lean SigmasBillings, MT0.00434.71 miles
60Rockies WalkersBillings, MT0.00157.64 miles
61Grand DebtonatorsBillings, MT0.00347.73 miles
62MMIA ManiacsHelena, MT0.00444.45 miles
63Eureka Middle School 1Rexford, MT0.00568.89 miles
64Eureka Middle School 2Eureka, MT0.00926.45 miles
65LBHCHardin, MT0.00123.29 miles
66Scrambled LegsBillings, MT0.00411.51 miles
67FCB Rocks!Hinsdale, MT0.00167.04 miles
68Big Sky PhattiesBillings, MT0.00323.88 miles
69smartheartsBillings, MT0.00112.90 miles
70UltranatorsBillings, MT0.00302.56 miles
71Move it StillwaterColumbus, MT0.00272.72 miles
72What the FitSidney, MT0.00278.28 miles
73Shape Up FBMSColstrip, MT0.00427.57 miles
74Thin It To Win ItHingham, MT0.00447.62 miles
75PRPLBillings, MT0.00325.84 miles
76Working Our Assessors OffMissoula, MT0.00663.25 miles
77COB Healthy ChoicersBillings, MT0.00358.90 miles
78Eureka Elementary School Team 1Eureka, MT0.00314.87 miles
79Eureka Elementary School Team 2Eureka, MT0.00219.08 miles
80Eureka Elementary Team 3Eureka, MT0.00214.29 miles
81MorningstarsLame Deer, MT0.00225.50 miles
82Stillwater StrongAbsarokee, MT0.00164.08 miles
83Got the RunsBillings, MT0.00285.70 miles
84DOWLBillings, MT0.001,057.65 miles
85The Waist WatchersBillings, MT0.00292.77 miles
86Beastly Woman Of The RockiesParadise, MT0.00176.30 miles
87Thinning Out Our HerdWinifred, MT0.00244.94 miles
88CRH US - Goal BustersThree Forks, MT0.00506.74 miles
89CU Portion Control to Major TomBillings, MT0.00350.52 miles
90FIB Fit or ElseBillings, MT0.0092.32 miles
91Eureka Central OfficeEureka, MT0.00905.53 miles
92DeterminatorsHamilton, MT0.00172.68 miles
93The VictorsThree Forks, MT0.00332.50 miles
94RSH Walk the WalkBillings, MT0.00367.69 miles
95Malta Team 3.14Malta, MT0.00197.19 miles
96Stronger Than YesterdayForsyth, MT0.0071.65 miles
97FriendsMalta, MT0.00258.41 miles
98Happy FeetBillings, MT0.00364.18 miles
99Drop it like a SquatBillings, MT0.00287.52 miles
100Wannabe HealthyColumbus, MT0.00154.24 miles
101What the KaleBillings, MT0.00331.24 miles
102Black & Blue Gut BustersGildford, MT0.00767.24 miles
103Drop It Like It's HotChester, MT0.00998.64 miles
104AMS Ferocious FourBillings, MT0.00174.18 miles
105AMS Cut it OutBillings, MT0.00313.29 miles
106AMS 3 Girls & A Guy On The MoveBillings, MT0.00145.95 miles
107Cold SteelLivingston, MT0.00153.32 miles
108NBG Fit 4Ashland, MT0.00364.72 miles
109Wii Not FitBillings, MT0.00278.59 miles
110State of Montana - Bad Ass Barristers (BAB)Helena, MT0.00124.33 miles
111RSH Health on WheelsBillings, MT0.00174.45 miles
112Gebhardt InsuranceBillings, MT0.0047.29 miles
113Rocky Mountain Bank - Rockin RootersStevensville, MT0.00191.07 miles
114Fit to WinBillings, MT0.00270.36 miles
115Willow Creek Fresh StartWillow Creek, MT0.00242.47 miles
116Bums, Thighs, and HarmonyBillings, MT0.00190.51 miles
117SteposaurusBillings, MT0.00316.07 miles
118CTA: Catchy Team AcronymBillings, MT0.00177.38 miles
119RSH Minimally DominantBillings, MT0.00481.32 miles
120CTA Ladies 2.0Livingston, MT0.00401.86 miles
121CTA Great FallsGreat Falls, MT0.00279.03 miles
122CTA ThundercatsHelena, MT0.00254.32 miles
123Kicking Assets & Taking NamesSheridan, WY0.00372.20 miles
124RV There Yet?Billings, MT0.00114.21 miles
125Beauties & a BeastSand Coulee, MT0.00530.34 miles
126We Are The CampiansBillings, MT0.00165.93 miles
127Weapons of Mass ReductionBillings, MT0.00238.31 miles
128JCI Walker Stalkers Can DoBillings, MT0.00332.94 miles
129JCI - BulldogsBillings, MT0.00247.74 miles
130Ashley Clark FitnessGeraldine, MT0.00222.12 miles
131Number Crunch-ersSheridan, WY0.00474.44 miles
132SassyPantsBelgrade, MT0.00595.07 miles
133Fit to FlourishThompson Falls, MT0.00149.22 miles
134Snowbank RacersSavage, MT0.00309.05 miles
135Trib Trouble LadiesGreat Falls, MT0.00146.17 miles
136Kick Yer AassestsHysham, MT0.00319.61 miles
137LHC Mission SlimpossibleLivingston, MT0.00188.73 miles
138Suck it up buttercup!Billings, MT0.00112.95 miles
139The Grit SixBillings, MT0.0035.44 miles
140PAD Mama JamasHelena, MT280.43376.85 miles
141Divas plus a dudeMissoula, MT0.00184.29 miles
142Lean QueensLivingston, MT0.00232.11 miles
143SVH PMS ChicksBillings, MT0.0023.35 miles
144City of LaurelLaurel, MT0.00447.34 miles
145Mikey's AngelsSturgis, SD0.00546.30 miles
146SD Twisted BlistersSturgis, SD0.00424.21 miles
147Buns on the RunSturgis, SD0.00411.44 miles
148Flying DodoesBillings, MT0.00126.01 miles
149BC Ivory CitadelBroadview, MT0.001,170.83 miles
150BC Dwindling DivasBillings, MT0.00191.68 miles
151Ballyhoo MOOOOversHilger, MT0.0078.37 miles
152Avitus GroupBillings, MT0.0084.80 miles
153Lewistown YodelersLewistown, MT0.00170.21 miles
154Awesome SauceHelena, MT0.00532.36 miles
155Pharmacy FanaticsBillings, MT0.00147.27 miles
156'Wine'y WalkersHysham, MT0.00372.11 miles
157Donut DivasGreat Falls, MT0.00162.59 miles
158Billings Clinic Team ChiBillings, MT0.00144.36 miles
159Wibaux WobblersWibaux, MT0.00231.99 miles
160The Fabulous FiveBillings, MT0.00138.11 miles
161Eureka High SchoolEureka, MT0.00285.58 miles
162Drug RunnersLivingston, MT393.00414.26 miles
163EBMS HR6Billings, MT0.00122.25 miles
164Inner SparkleImperial, NE0.00523.06 miles
165Dedicated DolliesBillings, MT0.00247.63 miles
166BISON StompersRonan, MT0.00150.24 miles
167Mileston BLMandersMiles City, MT0.00167.62 miles
168Rocky Mountain ShreddersBillings, MT0.00132.99 miles
169Work That Thang!Billings, MT0.00113.01 miles
170MT Movers - 1Billings, MT0.00423.05 miles
171Team LegitBillings, MT0.00319.63 miles
172MT Movers - 2Billings, MT0.00325.00 miles
173The Bod SquadBillings, MT0.0046.94 miles
174Avitus Group 2Billings, MT0.00202.55 miles
175Blazin BetasBillings, MT0.00160.64 miles
176X RaidersBillings, MT0.0070.19 miles
177Roundup Team LeftRoundup, MT0.00215.96 miles
178Roundup Team RightRoundup, MT0.00203.51 miles
179Mighty MustangsBillings, MT0.0097.35 miles
180Mish Mash GUGGsShepherd, MT0.00339.02 miles
181Determinators 2Hamilton, MT0.0034.98 miles
182Mighty MangoesBillings, MT0.0057.36 miles
183Just for Fits and GigglesBillings, MT0.00431.38 miles
184Fairview WalkettesFairview, MT0.00216.41 miles
185Weight life keep minimizingFromberg, MT0.00319.83 miles
186FIB Fab N FitRiverton, WY0.00120.91 miles
187Fire Breathing Rubber DuckiesBigfork, MT0.00154.41 miles
188Morning PlaneteersBillings, MT0.009.57 miles
189MSUB CC Catch the BuzzBillings, MT0.00235.83 miles
190Mighty OutlawsBillings, MT0.00337.24 miles
191The Cremendo'sBillings, MT0.00494.53 miles
192The Lean Queens of BCBillings, MT0.00365.41 miles
193Sisterhood of the Shrinking PantsGreat Falls, MT0.0080.90 miles
194EBMS GALSBillings, MT0.00362.78 miles
195Working Our Assessors Off #1Corvallis, MT0.00271.78 miles
196Judge UsSidney, MT0.00229.73 miles
197MSUB SSS TRiOBillings, MT0.0067.17 miles
198The Golden CompanyBillings, MT0.00813.57 miles
199Fit & FabBillings, MT0.0059.72 miles
200The MeltawaysLaurel, MT0.00126.22 miles
201Steel CowgirlsMiles City, MT0.00340.58 miles
202MCE ShapeUp SpringersDeer Lodge, MT280.43272.27 miles
203HealthLine HoneysBillings, MT0.00151.40 miles
204The Fab FiveLewistown, MT0.00322.83 miles
205Central Calisthenic CrusadersSidney, MT0.0029.19 miles
206First Judicial District Treatless CourtClancy, MT0.00156.14 miles
207No Excuse NinjasWhitewood, SD0.00238.14 miles
208Too Many TacosSpearfish, SD0.00102.27 miles
209Sassy SixLewistown, MT0.00246.00 miles
210Obtaining Amazing HealthHelena, MT0.00304.68 miles
211Ortho Montana LadiesBillings, MT0.00131.10 miles
212Die LardDarby, MT0.00456.23 miles
213FarsythiansForsyth, MT0.0084.31 miles
214#slimpossibleDarby, MT0.00276.74 miles
215Exercise = Extra Fries!Billings, MT0.00282.69 miles
216FIB Trail BlazersMissoula, MT0.00120.57 miles
217Los Corazones Tiernos 17Columbus, MT0.00226.62 miles
218PAYZ2WALKBallantine, MT0.0049.00 miles
219Hot Springs Savage HeatHot Springs, MT0.0098.07 miles
220BeWell-attude-ettesBillings, MT0.00205.75 miles
221The Quad SquadHelena, MT0.0090.54 miles
222Metabo-Lites 2.0Billings, MT0.00135.17 miles
223Metabo-LitesBillings, MT0.0084.41 miles
224Copper ClassicsRingling, MT0.00170.96 miles
225Tintina TremorsWhite Sulphur Springs, MT0.00448.61 miles
226BellyAcresHemingford, NE0.00132.03 miles
227Team Go(at)Winnett, MT0.00275.36 miles
228sismuffinRyegate, MT0.00563.34 miles
229BCX5Laurel, MT0.00463.79 miles
230TRSBozeman, MT0.00293.80 miles
231St. Pius XBillings, MT0.00232.36 miles
232#summerGreat Falls, MT0.0020.26 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Total Fit

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1United Even When DividedHelena, MT0.00227.70 miles
2SoleSisterSBillings, MT0.00302.29 miles
3The Walking TreadGreat Falls, MT0.00445.99 miles
4State of Montana - PhattyzHelena, MT0.00185.53 miles
5State of Montana - Region 2S RockersJefferson City, MT0.00287.85 miles
6Zoo City CrewMissoula, MT0.00513.67 miles
7Official Shape Up MontanaBillings, MT0.003.48 miles
8Flab-u-lessBroadus, MT0.00305.52 miles
9Ortho MT In It To Thin ItBridger, MT0.00183.58 miles
10Girl PartsLaurel, MT0.00138.57 miles
11Best Team EvraClancy, MT0.0066.71 miles
12Team SAMHelena, MT0.00589.69 miles
13DNRC Water OuselsHelena, MT0.00370.14 miles
14Iron Maiden'sMissoula, MT0.00323.66 miles
15Dispatch Gym RatsBillings, MT0.00354.41 miles
16Faith In ActionBillings, MT0.00269.98 miles
17Lolly B's RunnersForsyth, MT0.00184.47 miles
18COB Lean QueensBillings, MT0.00378.18 miles
19Pack of Wolves Successfully Running a Juice BarBillings, MT0.00122.82 miles
20Get the KrankenwagonBozeman, MT0.00493.95 miles
21Will Run For FoodRonan, MT0.00166.13 miles
22Speed BumpsHelena, MT0.00549.66 miles
23Sisters With BlistersBillings, MT0.00359.73 miles
24#WinningColstrip, MT0.00548.96 miles
25Joel's TeamKalispell, MT0.00354.33 miles
26Sierra's TeamKalispell, MT0.00327.24 miles
27Heather's TeamKalispell, MT0.00225.00 miles
28EBMS Lean QueensBillings, MT0.00435.50 miles
29Five Four FiveBozeman, MT0.00535.07 miles
30Goats in the DarkHelena, MT0.00904.47 miles
31AMS The Quad SquadBillings, MT0.00670.58 miles
32AMS Associated EnjoyersBillings, MT0.00686.94 miles
33Yin and YangBillings, MT0.00859.77 miles
34MT OPI Powerful ShesHelena, MT0.00316.97 miles
35Eureka KitchenEureka, MT0.00186.54 miles
36FitRDoneHavre, MT0.00176.01 miles
37Perception OverloadBillings, MT0.00382.05 miles
38Moving For ExcellenceLivingston, MT0.00364.23 miles
39Willow Creek Total FitnessWillow Creek, MT0.00270.89 miles
40RV Fit Yet?Billings, MT0.00184.28 miles
41CTA The Most Interesting People in the RoomBillings, MT0.00274.38 miles
42Running AmokBillings, MT0.00407.49 miles
43Better in 2017!Boulder, MT0.00221.32 miles
44CTA The Real Slim ShadysBillings, MT0.00321.37 miles
45Cap'n Crunch and the Calorie CrunchersThompson Falls, MT0.00142.89 miles
46CTA Maddy, Daddies, and the Design CAD'iesBillings, MT0.00529.99 miles
47CTA Shape Up or Ship OutBozeman, MT0.00416.12 miles
48CTA Ship-Faced Kalispell KrewKalispell, MT0.00442.68 miles
49CTA Brick HouseMissoula, MT0.00336.35 miles
50CTA Crouching Tigers Wheezing ArchitectsMissoula, MT0.00125.61 miles
51BC Floor ShakersBillings, MT0.00254.27 miles
52Super Heroes In TrainingBillings, MT0.00317.32 miles
53Financial DriversKalispell, MT0.00398.79 miles
54MSUBillings Rehab and Allied HealthMolt, MT0.00283.64 miles
55Starvin 9Alberton, MT0.00146.11 miles
56RSH Rockin' RollersHuntley, MT0.00214.93 miles
57Healthy HuskiesBelt, MT0.00246.29 miles
58RSH Foxy TrottersBillings, MT0.00258.10 miles
59DEQ's Flathead Fitness FreaksKalispell, MT0.00414.41 miles
60Tiger Squad CommandosBillings, MT0.00147.02 miles
61Won't Back DownSaint Ignatius, MT0.00306.69 miles
62Why Don't We Just DanceManhattan, MT0.00379.09 miles
63Orange PowerBillings, MT0.001,152.28 miles
64Shed the Lead 2017Helena, MT0.00370.81 miles
65TSCTCClinton, MT0.00274.19 miles
66BEEFOBillings, MT0.00237.03 miles
67The Healthy ProjectButte, MT0.00362.39 miles
68Look Sharp Feel SharpButte, MT0.00463.79 miles
69Montana's BestButte, MT0.00317.67 miles
70SC_Mission SlimpossibleThompson Falls, MT0.00368.13 miles
71Strappin' OutlawsBillings, MT0.00298.45 miles
72RSH Chronic Disease ChompersBillings, MT0.00232.60 miles
73Sun-Up Fitness ChallengersDeer Lodge, MT0.00470.78 miles
74Outside BozemanBozeman, MT0.00525.81 miles
75MSUB Wrecking CrewBillings, MT0.00413.56 miles
76Dirty DozenCharlo, MT0.00265.58 miles
77Dirty Dozen 1Charlo, MT0.00460.18 miles
78Habitual OffendersZurich, MT0.00375.71 miles
79Lighten UpColstrip, MT0.00304.86 miles
80Yes We Can!Billings, MT0.00655.64 miles
81Bulldogs 2Saint Ignatius, MT0.00341.83 miles
82High School Rock StarsRoundup, MT0.00193.88 miles
83Darby Fitness NerdsDarby, MT0.00307.52 miles
84More Fit 2017Boulder, MT0.00443.07 miles
85KSYGHelena, MT0.00139.93 miles
86PAYZ2RUNWorden, MT0.00135.45 miles
87Billings Chamber/ Visit Billings Team #1Billings, MT0.00184.19 miles
88Billings Chamber/Visit Billings Squad ABillings, MT0.00119.61 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Activity - Family

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1Team SchaffLavina, MT0.0081.52 miles
2Spracklin FamilySidney, MT0.00373.27 miles
3Gerter BeltHelena, MT0.00352.51 miles
4ShadowsBillings, MT0.0016.29 miles
5Burnin' Little RasCALSGlasgow, MT0.00442.72 miles
6AwesomeBillings, MT0.00395.97 miles
7Team McHugeBillings, MT0.00529.88 miles
8Raaums Rock ItCulbertson, MT0.00317.60 miles
9MALKAIBozeman, MT0.00503.69 miles
10The Crawford'sHeart Butte, MT0.00573.76 miles
11Team RolfHavre, MT0.000.00 miles
12Tipi CreepersBox Elder, MT0.00282.33 miles
13The TMT'sBillings, MT0.00627.16 miles
14Family Fit NutsBillings, MT0.00618.95 miles
152 THE BRIMBillings, MT0.0063.08 miles
16Belly BustersGreat Falls, MT0.0043.35 miles
17Walle-WinnersWhitlash, MT0.00155.52 miles
18Tri-State TrimmersTroy, MT0.00378.60 miles
19Lost CauseMissoula, MT0.00243.11 miles
20Schley Creek MoversArlee, MT0.00161.16 miles
21Fantastic FoursomeSheridan, MT0.00528.83 miles
22Pokin AlongBillings, MT0.00307.85 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

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