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Shape Up Activity Leader Board

The Shape Up Montana Leader Board displays the average miles per team member. For privacy, we won't display any weight information. This information will be posted on a weekly basis to provide feedback and help encourage logging. Use the records dropdown to select how many records to display on the page. Click the column heading to change the sorting and use the included search functionality to find your team. Please note that the Leader Board does not represent final placing.

The Leader Board will be updated on Mondays.

Date Posted: 05/28 05:23am

Division Fresh Start

  Team Name Location Average Activity*
1Determined Squishy VillainsMissoula, MT310.47 miles
2MDT BLKHelena, MT295.77 miles
3Die LardHELENA, MT391.00 miles
4Seven Super StarsGreat Falls, MT938.90 miles
5GMC - Die LardsRichey, MT826.42 miles
6SWATT (Stillwater Walkers and Trash TalkersColumbus, MT95.03 miles
7CRMSBillings, MT483.17 miles
8Between a Walk and a Hard PaceGREAT FALLS, MT109.40 miles
9FIT 2020Billings, MT164.90 miles
10Foxy Flab FightersBillings, MT117.72 miles
11Go WildBillings, MT242.18 miles
12Comp 1Laurel, MT397.18 miles
13CAST A WEIGHSBillings, MT590.60 miles
14Heart AttackersBillings, MT381.67 miles
15GMC - Acute Care AvengersGlendive, MT1,223.00 miles
16TOW (Take Off Weight)Fromberg, MT626.16 miles
17FIB Fabulous Finance FitnessBillings, MT208.27 miles
18Cardio is HardioImperial, NE484.68 miles
19Lady MusketeersLewistown, MT226.29 miles
20RMHN: Stepping It UpBillings, MT520.97 miles
21The Walking TreadGREAT FALLS, MT453.54 miles
22GMC - Not Fast, Just FuriousGlendive, MT558.84 miles
23Westend WarriorsBillings, MT177.11 miles
24Dig DeepGildford, MT1,029.95 miles
25Eldon, Melvin and the Miss NOT fitsHARDIN, MT195.24 miles
26The Old Hens & The Young ChicksHARDIN, MT210.72 miles
278-2 MuchHARDIN, MT363.87 miles
28Easier Said Than RunBillings, MT183.00 miles
29Body by BaconBillings, MT366.16 miles
30Move it and lose itGildford, MT198.11 miles
31The Not So Average JoesBillings, MT308.10 miles
32Valley 1Billings, MT256.14 miles
33Valley 2Billings, MT471.63 miles
34Hero's Rescue & Body ShopRyegate, MT194.98 miles
35Valley 3Billings, MT473.88 miles
36Team Eureka!EUREKA, MT128.60 miles
37Kirby's BlimpiesBozeman, MT237.67 miles
38TerraconBillings, MT270.35 miles
39Hugh Jass BulldogsHARDIN, MT100.23 miles
40Dam WalkersFt Smith, MT161.93 miles
41RX farmBillings, MT205.83 miles
42Third Party RejectsCut Bank, MT452.84 miles
43Hot FuzzBillings, MT270.19 miles
44Trippin'Cut Bank, MT164.22 miles
45BurlingtonBillings, MT187.76 miles
46GOAL DIGGERSBillings, MT212.53 miles
47Run First, Then TacosInverness, MT345.45 miles
48The Pink LadiesBillings, MT338.54 miles
49Chasing the Ice Cream TruckSt Xavier, MT126.86 miles
50The Floor ShakersLaurel, MT468.08 miles
51Alkali Creek BobcatsBillings, MT104.85 miles
52Red Hot Chili SteppersBillings, MT293.73 miles
53Holy WalkamoliesHelena, MT441.11 miles
54DOWL Die HardsBillings, MT1,235.19 miles
55Agony of DeFeetBillings, MT586.73 miles
56Got GumptionHardin, MT21.44 miles
57Game On!Darby, MT234.90 miles
58Cirque du Sore legsBillings, MT205.40 miles
59Not Fast, Still FuriousBozeman, MT202.23 miles
60Losin' It in the 406Culbertson, MT355.41 miles
61Dream TeamHardin, MT161.76 miles
62Girls on the RunBillings, MT288.71 miles
63Whispering BoulderBillings, MT404.16 miles
64Bitterroot BobcatsHuntley, MT100.99 miles
65Malta Team 3.14MALTA, MT177.64 miles
66Morning StarsLame Deer, MT36.64 miles
67DevotionBillings, MT99.49 miles
68Stirred UpBelgrade, MT369.49 miles
69Lewistown Steppers 2020Lewistown, MT427.27 miles
70RSH - HCHBillings, MT353.90 miles
71Skinny Jean TeamHardin, MT198.64 miles
72First Community Bank AllstarsHelena, MT160.56 miles
73First Community Bank All-stars 2Froid, MT236.76 miles
74Bend-n-SnapBillings, MT184.74 miles
75Opportunity BankHamilton, MT222.08 miles
762 Skinny Jean TeamHardin, MT127.73 miles
77Willow Creek Fun SuckersWillow Creek, MT393.37 miles
78GF Wolf PackGreat Falls, MT199.68 miles
79Paws for FitnessBillings, MT33.38 miles
80F.I.BootyBillings, MT257.46 miles
81Therapist's Creating MayhemLaurel, MT165.18 miles
82BLM TRAYLMIXXEDMiles City, MT228.57 miles
83Booty BustersPolson, MT477.32 miles
84Thick Thighs Save LivesEkalaka, MT639.58 miles
85Mission SlimpossibleMILES CITY, MT386.23 miles
86Cushing Terrell - Billings 1Billings, MT258.55 miles
87Cushing Terrell - Billings 2Billings, MT329.06 miles
88Fitness HackersRonan, MT276.69 miles
89MovingruvinBozeman, MT335.89 miles
90Cushing Terrell - Great FallsGreat Falls, MT466.94 miles
91Cushing Terrell - Missoula 1Missoula, MO531.69 miles
92Cushing Terrell - Missoula 2Missoula, MT478.44 miles
93The Rustle HustleGreat Falls MT, MT193.51 miles
94Fit and Fun FamilyBillings, MT61.23 miles
95Gettin' RealBillings, MT400.09 miles
96The New You CrewGreat Falls, MT305.14 miles
97Lost and FoundationLivingston, MT179.22 miles
98Team ExtremeHavre, MT254.58 miles
99Linc-In 1Havre, MT110.14 miles
100Linc-In 2Havre, MT267.01 miles
101MDV SlothsHelena, MT216.47 miles
102Mad FitnessEnnis, MT112.29 miles
103LCC AccountingHelena, MT222.59 miles
104GMC - Blister SistersGlendive, MT257.11 miles
105Scrambled LegsBaker, MT86.72 miles
106Honey BeesBillings, MT199.17 miles
107Roy PiratesRoy, MT511.25 miles
108Chasing DreamzHardin, MT248.39 miles
109FIB Bozeman 1BOZEMAN, MT145.00 miles
110Sneaky SneakersHelena, MT364.87 miles
111ThunderHelena, MT374.09 miles
112LightningHelena, MT350.34 miles
113MizeworksLaurel, MT822.82 miles
114RockyHelena, MT136.84 miles
115Shape ShiftersHelena, MT121.44 miles
116FIB Missoula Team 1Missoula, MT171.38 miles
117TPL - The Perfect LosersBillings, MT71.38 miles
118Jackson Street CenterHelena, MT256.47 miles
119Happy FeetGreat Falls, MT200.04 miles
120FIB Missoula Team 2Missoula, MT121.40 miles
121Team ChaosHavre, MT561.32 miles
122Sunburst ElementarySunburst, MT184.08 miles
123MVH Fit TripColumbia Falls, MT295.52 miles
124West KootenaiRexford, MT46.56 miles
125RSSBillings, MT62.30 miles
126GMC - Quality StridesGlendive, MT99.51 miles
127Dude, Where's my Gut?Havre, MT525.14 miles
128McDoNotHavre, MT273.57 miles
129Flab U LessBillings, MT167.98 miles
130GMC - Lazy DaisiesGlendive, MT446.28 miles
131GMC Gabert GirlsGlendive, MT292.19 miles
132Gallatin Red HeartsBozeman, MT354.11 miles
133A Better MeBillings, MT169.17 miles
134Saint Charles SaintsPryor, MT26.12 miles
135Fairfield Eagles 1Fairfield, MT54.86 miles
136Fairfield Eagles 3Fairfield, MT107.35 miles
137CFS VMissoula, MT119.70 miles
138GMC ProvidersGlendive, MT310.66 miles
139School of RockRoundup, MT151.95 miles
141MMIA Super StarsJefferson City, MT31.91 miles
142Horse TornadoBillings, MT144.95 miles
143Wii Not FitHysham, MT77.88 miles
144BOOKITBILLINGS, MT77.73 miles
145Windy WaysValier, MT245.21 miles
146Mind over MatterBILLINGS, MT26.18 miles
147Peterson PanthersKalispell, MT143.44 miles
148GMC ORGlendive, MT283.36 miles
149PAYZ2MOVEWorden, MT224.49 miles
150The HiveBillings, MT180.73 miles
151TEAM BADA$$Bozeman, MT129.40 miles
152TEAM KICKA$$Bozeman, MT77.67 miles
153RebelsCuster, MT209.90 miles
154EXTREME TEAM 2020Ennis, MT188.13 miles
155Rebels2.0Billings, MT112.53 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Total Fit

  Team Name Location Average Activity*
1SUM Test Team, MT40.67 miles
2The Super 911 StarsBillings, MT618.01 miles
3Walk It Off!Helena, MT243.96 miles
4FacilaBilityLivingston, MT496.85 miles
5AvengersBillings, MT458.64 miles
6Party of Five Plus OneBillings, MT221.43 miles
7Running AmokBillings, MT384.07 miles
8Tread With Adult EdBillings, MT573.68 miles
9It's Accrual WorldBillings, MT583.17 miles
10Cath me if you can!!Laurel, MT221.34 miles
11TFalls FerrisThompson Falls, MT595.18 miles
12TFalls BeckmanThompson Falls, MT434.49 miles
13HeartThrobsBillings, MT144.13 miles
14TFalls DorscherThompson Falls, MT528.95 miles
15Rollin' Down the RiverSidney, MT392.29 miles
16Power to the SheHelena, MT229.92 miles
17TFalls DicksonThompson Falls, MT352.13 miles
18The Trail TurtlesPray, MT648.17 miles
19Falls BrigadeGreat Falls, MT160.14 miles
20Cushing Terrell Livingston BreezeLivingston, MT633.59 miles
21Repeat OffendersZurich, MT322.61 miles
22TFalls TurmanThompson Falls, MT433.20 miles
23GMC - Run Track MindsGlendive, MT96.83 miles
24TP Down the RoadButte, MT358.50 miles
25GLF'sHelena, MT434.09 miles
26TP Look Sharp Feel SharpButte, MT172.40 miles
27TP Montana's BestButte, MT400.41 miles
28Workout WarriorsBillings, MT296.68 miles
29Accounting for Activity!Missoula, MT256.26 miles
30PacificSource Health PlansHelena, MT146.62 miles
31Bozeman 545Bozeman, MT402.15 miles
323 Balance Sheets to the WindHelena, MT441.56 miles
33TD&H #3Great Falls, MT493.95 miles
34TD&H #2Great Falls, MT422.06 miles
35TD&H #1Great Falls, MT332.12 miles
36Parking Lot WalkersBillings, MT135.20 miles
37KOA 2Billings, MT211.26 miles
38Slim Possible'sHelena, MT525.22 miles
39KOA 1Billings, MT212.52 miles
40The Assorted MovementsHelena, MT227.82 miles
41Wild YMCA-ERSBillings, MT907.17 miles
42Mint Dental StudioBozeman, MT125.68 miles
43Mint Dental Studio 2Bozeman, MT65.18 miles
44TFalls KumpThompson Falls, MT391.13 miles
45Pikuni TeachersBrowning, MT238.63 miles
46MACo MadnessHelena, MT256.64 miles
47Belly BustersCut Bank, MT365.00 miles
48Y-senheimersBillings, MT1,201.63 miles
49Fairfield Eagles 2Fairfield, MT316.91 miles
50BSSGBillings, MT97.83 miles
51Super Heroes In TrainingBillings, MT38.40 miles
52Penut Butter WhiskeyMissoula, MT31.20 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Activity - Family

  Team Name Location Average Activity*
1The TMT'sBillings, MT775.10 miles
2CU Family Fun ChallengeBillings, MT73.10 miles
3SpracklinsBillings, MT504.32 miles
4Team McHugeBillings, MT744.19 miles
5Shape Up or Ship OutGildford, MT148.58 miles
6The Run-A-MuckersBillings, MT57.96 miles
7Lost CauseMissoula, MT436.60 miles
8HaslemHavre, MT15.07 miles
9Family Fit NutsBillings, MT263.49 miles
10Sheep herdersSunburst, MT3.21 miles
11Crawford ClanHeart Butte, MT381.44 miles
12Rensvolds PlusBozeman, MT54.75 miles
13Wiggle Butt!Billings, MT419.17 miles
14Team BootsBlack Eagle, MT0.00 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

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