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Shape Up Activity Leader Board

The Shape Up Montana Leader Board displays the average miles per team member. For privacy, we won't display any weight information. This information will be posted on a weekly basis to provide feedback and help encourage logging. Use the records dropdown to select how many records to display on the page. Click the column heading to change the sorting and use the included search functionality to find your team. Please note that the Leader Board does not represent final placing.

The Leader Board will be updated on Mondays.

Date Posted: 12/07 11:18am

Division Fresh Start

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1Official SUM TEST TeamBillings, MT492.5019.56 miles
2Holy WalkamoliesHelena, MT0.00368.91 miles
3Not Fast, Just Furious (Evans)Helena, MT0.00324.99 miles
4MSDB Chasing DreamsGreat Falls, MT0.00344.60 miles
5Muffin Top BE GONE!!Columbus, MT0.00189.52 miles
6The HamburglarsBillings, MT0.00124.47 miles
7CULaterFatBillings, MT0.00334.77 miles
8BC-Population HealthLaurel, MT0.00425.45 miles
9Booty BustersPolson, MT0.00456.05 miles
10TowHaul 1Belgrade, MT0.00978.84 miles
11TowHaul 2Belgrade, MT0.00967.17 miles
12The Wolf PackJoliet, MT0.00412.81 miles
13Here we go again_2019Colstrip, MT0.00446.99 miles
14DOWL Muscle WomenBillings, MT0.001,300.44 miles
15DOWL Muscle MenBillings, MT0.00997.38 miles
16LoriheatannajakeBillings, MT0.00359.61 miles
17Malta Team 3.14Malta, MT0.00235.66 miles
18ComplianceBillings, MT0.00168.99 miles
19Opportunity Bank Trail BlazersStevensville, MT0.00257.30 miles
20Dwindling DivasBillings, MT0.00433.08 miles
21Where the Buffalo RoamLivingston, MT0.00520.27 miles
22Lutheran LegendsBillings, MT0.00106.50 miles
23Opportunity Bank Trail Blazers 2Stevensville, MT0.00335.98 miles
24Finance FanaticsBillings, MT0.00370.45 miles
25Floor ShakersBillings, MT0.00399.77 miles
26Running on EmptyBelgrade, MT0.00392.60 miles
27Let'er GoLivingston, MT0.00397.47 miles
28Like SteeleBillings, MT0.00316.90 miles
29Chasing JJBillings, MT0.00167.55 miles
30Shape Up Not OutInverness, MT0.00448.27 miles
31Taking Care of BusinessBillings, MT0.00184.77 miles
32Warehouse ChicksBillings, MT0.00362.98 miles
33Bridger BankersBridger, MT0.00613.80 miles
34Up and RunningCut Bank, MT0.00318.88 miles
35Cirque de Sore LegsImperial, NE0.00499.73 miles
36The Walking TreadGreat Falls, MT0.00483.60 miles
37Thick to ThinGildford, MT0.001,019.49 miles
38BC Team ChiBillings, MT0.00131.60 miles
39It's About TimeBillings, MT0.00300.98 miles
40Isagenix BillingsBillings, MT0.00722.80 miles
41BibliotechsBillings, MT0.00198.86 miles
42Let's get FiscalBillings, MT0.00606.57 miles
43AM Going the DistanceRonan, MT0.00371.62 miles
4410 To GOBillings, MT395.60191.28 miles
45Kicking and ScreamingBelgrade, MT0.00426.77 miles
46Freedah's Fit Pharm Vol. 2Cut Bank, MT198.50374.73 miles
47Rimrock Adolescent DepartmentBillings, MT196.5090.71 miles
48Chunk DunksColumbus, MT199.80142.29 miles
49Valley 1Billings, MT0.00316.30 miles
50Valley 2Billings, MT0.00523.59 miles
51Valley 3Billings, MT330.83447.80 miles
52Valley 4Billings, MT0.00458.63 miles
5350 Shades of AwesomeBrowning, MT588.90327.17 miles
54Valley 5Billings, MT0.00411.33 miles
558 2 Much - MiklosGreat Falls, MT0.00628.76 miles
56FCB MONEY HONEYSHinsdale, MT0.00345.81 miles
57FCB MONEY HONEYS TOO!Froid, MT0.00243.09 miles
58HarlowtonitesHarlowton, MT0.00164.68 miles
59Happy FeetBillings, MT0.00290.33 miles
60Faith HarvestMissoula, MT0.00120.36 miles
61BC1234Laurel, MT0.00435.73 miles
62Roy PiratesRoy, MT0.00455.16 miles
63Round Is A ShapeBillings, MT0.00116.71 miles
64Mission Slim-PossibleFromberg, MT0.00504.50 miles
65404 Name Not FoundBillings, MT0.00332.33 miles
66Take Off 20Harlowton, MT0.0085.86 miles
67BCHeartThrobsBillings, MT0.00293.06 miles
68Fresh StartBillings, MT0.00331.25 miles
69DieLardGlendive, MT0.00887.67 miles
70RMHN - Rockin' Motivated Health NutsBillings, MT0.00321.99 miles
71Hysham Hangry BirdsHysham, MT0.00236.17 miles
72Walk on byColstrip, MT0.0056.22 miles
73Let It GoCulbertson, MT0.00364.26 miles
74Gut BustersGlendive, MT219.00344.21 miles
75We Are In-TentsBillings, MT0.00403.12 miles
76RV'ed UpBillings, MT0.00289.37 miles
77GMC Workout WondersGlendive, MT284.86308.47 miles
78Breast Assured, We LiftCut Bank, MT0.00337.23 miles
79Bod Squad (Slattery)Missoula, MT281.00202.85 miles
80Mountain Home Warrior Women 1 ( Scotti)Missoula, MT0.00135.21 miles
81EBMS Team Die LardBillings, MT0.00208.35 miles
82miSlim TeamBillings, MT0.00161.39 miles
83New DimensionsSunburst, MT0.0033.83 miles
84Plevna GoldPlevna, MT0.00291.94 miles
85FIB MissoulaMissoula, MT0.0059.32 miles
86HavreCake&EatItTooHAVRE, MT197.20331.23 miles
87Havre Home By MidnightHavre, MT0.00191.80 miles
88Lucky To HavreHavre, MT0.00302.33 miles
89Acute Care AvengersGlendive, MT0.00958.32 miles
90G.I.R.L.s Just Wanna Have FunBillings, MT0.00311.58 miles
91Work In ProgressWibaux, MT0.00345.17 miles
92Schweddy BallsSheridan, WY0.0083.90 miles
93SlimpossibleBillings, MT0.00332.48 miles
94BATBillings, MT0.00368.63 miles
95Flab u lessEkalaka, MT0.00641.91 miles
96Plevna PurplePlevna, MT0.00124.76 miles
97Manor Movers and ShakersEnnis, MT0.0094.04 miles
98Fit Chicks and DudeEnnis, MT0.00287.39 miles
99Hi-Line Hips Ahoy!!Cut Bank, MT195.80562.22 miles
100Rabid rehabersColumbus, MT0.00229.06 miles
101Donut QuitClinton, MT0.00316.65 miles
102Rockin Rudyard CrewRudyard, MT0.00377.63 miles
103Fitness 4 funForsyth, MT0.00546.17 miles
104The Ova-AchieversBillings, MT0.0030.60 miles
105St.Charles SaintsPryor, MT0.00179.81 miles
106MVD Production Support Vs. the WorldHelena, MT0.00291.55 miles
107Lady SaintsPryor, MT0.0054.14 miles
108Rocky Mountain PowerhouseHelena, MT0.001,087.78 miles
109The Dominating Dahl DaredevilsEkalaka, MT397.20543.05 miles
110BC Westend WarriorsBillings, MT0.00142.15 miles
111Mountain Home Warrior Women 2 (Pilusa)Missoula, MT0.00158.53 miles
112Squad GoalsEast Helena, MT0.00152.32 miles
113CTA - Elliptical IllusionBozeman, MT0.00154.15 miles
114TRAYLMIXXED BLMMILES CITY, MT197.30194.49 miles
115Hello HealthAnaconda, MT0.00466.22 miles
116CTA - Great FallsGreat Falls, MT0.00420.45 miles
117CTA - Booty BustersMissoula, MT0.00499.63 miles
118CTA - FOrward TOgetherKalispell, MT0.00380.47 miles
119CTA - BillingsBillings, MT0.00254.38 miles
120CCDHS - Thinning the HerdMiles City, MT0.00350.21 miles
121Buns On The RunSidney, MT0.00715.93 miles
122Makoshika Estrogen Express (MEE)Glendive, MT0.00306.32 miles
123Madison Valley Go GettersEnnis, MT0.00378.17 miles
125Crunching NumbersGlendive, MT0.00437.26 miles
126Walkin' AngelsGlendive, MT0.00266.23 miles
127Butte DORButte, MT0.00381.89 miles
128Steppin' Sista'sBillings, MT206.90418.87 miles
129Park County Booty BustersLivingston, MT0.00128.82 miles
130The Young and the Rest Of UsBillings, MT0.00376.13 miles
131Shape Up YoursHavre, MT0.00391.02 miles
132Weapons of Mass ReductionBillings, MT0.00389.13 miles
133Dude, Where's My Gut?Billings, MT331.50146.52 miles
134Fit FIBBOZEMAN, MT0.00331.10 miles
135FIBnessBOZEMAN, MT0.00500.26 miles
136CCDHS Rise of the Fit-iansMiles City, MT0.00431.46 miles
137FIBersizeBOZEMAN, MT0.00210.74 miles
138Shape Up Yours 2Havre, MT0.00212.73 miles
139HyshamZumbaHysham, MT0.00189.43 miles
140The Get Up And GoesJefferson City, MT0.0064.57 miles
141Zithromax AttacksMISSOULA, MT0.00246.76 miles
142Idea FactoryLivingston, MT0.00197.78 miles
143Custer CougarsCuster, MT0.00240.23 miles
144FLAB-U-LESSCUT BANK, MT395.00560.98 miles
145PacificSourceHelena, MT0.00303.98 miles
146Burlington Oldies but GoodiesBillings, MT327.33275.59 miles
147Kila CougarsKila, MT0.00137.50 miles
148Health Information ManiacsLivingston, MT247.63270.51 miles
149Freshly SqueezedBillings, MT0.00317.10 miles
150BusyBeesSheridan, MT0.00557.80 miles
151Tazmanian AngelsSheridan, MT0.00361.27 miles
152Willow Creek Colton's AngelsWillow Creek, MT0.00393.88 miles
153The Young & the Rest of UsWillow Creek, MT0.00357.45 miles
154Willowcreek Hallow Top TrottersWillowcreek, MT0.00186.73 miles
155Willowcreek ReapersWillowcreek, MT218.11249.72 miles
156The PACU PackratsLivingston, MT497.75122.69 miles
157Team DynamoLivingston, MT0.00168.57 miles
158Stitching VikingsMissoula, MT0.00208.29 miles
159KeithsteamTEST, 0.000.00 miles
160Keith New test, 0.000.00 miles
161MyTestTeamKCBillings, MT504.750.00 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Total Fit

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1The 911 Pacers!Billings, MT0.00473.38 miles
2World Language SeniorGrand Avenue, MT0.00514.71 miles
3DNRC Helena Walking WondersHelena, MT0.00429.02 miles
4Not Fast, Just Furious (Edlund)Billings, MT0.00355.33 miles
58 2 Much - ChavezHardin, MT280.86418.38 miles
6Western DruggiesLivingston, MT0.00127.73 miles
7TD&H-ettesGreat Falls, MT0.00490.99 miles
8Justice LeagueBillings, MT0.00738.24 miles
9Running AmokBillings, MT0.00595.59 miles
10TransitioningZurich, MT0.00244.08 miles
11Tall Dark and Handsome (TD&H) EngineersGreat Falls, MT0.00457.96 miles
12Quaw TeamBelgrade, MT0.00574.29 miles
13Shape ShiftersBelgrade, MT0.00672.96 miles
14Wo(Men) of SteeleBillings, MT0.00659.76 miles
15COBFLASH (Fit Ladies Always on the Move)Billings, MT0.00358.12 miles
16VISTA FitBillings, MT0.00311.08 miles
17Get Up & Go!Helena, MT0.00257.01 miles
18Bod Squad (Allen)East Helena, MT0.002,290.73 miles
19Cupcake Addicts AnonymousHelena, MT0.00372.10 miles
20Foundational FortitudeBillings, MT0.00319.05 miles
21SearchersBillings, MT0.00141.94 miles
22Fuel Your SoulBillings, MT198.90448.96 miles
23Team MuleterroHelena, MT0.00316.66 miles
24Disappearing DamesBillings, MT0.00359.47 miles
25Yin YangBillings, MT0.00851.89 miles
26Baby Got TrackGreat Falls, MT0.00461.56 miles
27Goal DiggersBillings, MT0.00380.29 miles
28WORKING OUR ASSESSORS OFFHamilton, MT0.00350.23 miles
29CTA Total Fit LivingstonLivingston, MT0.00773.77 miles
30Return of the GIFsHelena, MT0.00490.33 miles
31Taut TeachersCut Bank, MT199.20540.74 miles
32Gym Class HeroesMissoula, MT0.00141.24 miles
33Hip To Be FitHelena, MT280.71106.06 miles
34Trudging AlongMissoula, MT0.00337.68 miles
35Sole TrainersBillings, MT0.00544.71 miles
36BC Good Quality FunBillings, MT0.00275.21 miles
37RHS Fainting GoatsRoundup, MT0.00340.07 miles
38BluehawksThompson Falls, MT0.00403.17 miles
39Billings Clinic Orthopedics and Sports MedicineBillings, MT0.0061.91 miles
40Billings Chamber/Visit BillingsBillings, MT0.00170.52 miles
41Cast A WeighsEast Helena, MT0.00373.22 miles
42TP Montana's BestButte, MT197.10536.53 miles
43TP SurvivorsButte, MT0.00356.38 miles
44TP Look Sharp Feel SharpButte, MT0.00243.51 miles
45TP Solutions TeamButte, MT0.0094.78 miles
46OPI 2 FIT 2 QUITHelena, MT0.00247.81 miles
47OPI 2 FIT 2 QUIT 2Helena, MT195.5073.10 miles
48Light It Up!Eureka, MT0.00102.92 miles
49Super Heroes In TrainingBillings, MT0.00563.48 miles
50Go BAFHKBillings, MT0.00304.91 miles
51Something PositiveWorden, MT0.00215.60 miles
52Sunnyside ScramblersGreat Falls, MT0.00263.59 miles
53Belly BustersCutbank, MT0.00552.41 miles
54Let's Get PhysicalMalta, MT391.80173.02 miles
55Motiva MotivatorsHelena, MT0.00268.81 miles
56Blu BanditsGreat Falls, MT0.00278.02 miles
57Red Hot Chili SteppersGreat Falls, MT0.00286.70 miles
58Legs MiserablesBillings, MT0.0094.03 miles
59CoffeematesHelena, MT0.001,294.92 miles
60Adipose AnniliatorsHelena, MT0.00187.84 miles
61Burpees OutbreakBillings, MT497.50180.59 miles
62Wild Members of the YMCABillings, MT0.00710.83 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Activity - Family

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1Walsh CrewLewistown, MT0.0022.62 miles
2Billings Buff BabesShepherd, MT0.00453.29 miles
3SpracklinsSidney, MT0.00539.18 miles
4Just BananasBelegrade, MT0.00536.16 miles
5Team McHugeBillings, MT0.00830.59 miles
6LetsTryAgainGlasgow, MT0.0056.68 miles
7Raaums Rock ItCulbertson, MT0.00315.51 miles
8The SheepherdersSunburst, MT0.00494.24 miles
9Allen's AngelsBillings, MT0.00801.88 miles
10FamilicizersBillings, MT0.0035.39 miles
11Team KoontzBillings, MT0.00332.02 miles
12The Billteen 7Butte, MT0.00244.23 miles
13Family Fit NutsBillings, MT0.00368.99 miles
14LaRoque and Gage'sBillings, MT0.00192.18 miles
15SawfamPark City, MT0.00500.33 miles
16Lost CauseMissoula, MT0.00446.27 miles
17Crawford ClanHeart Butte, MT0.00480.97 miles
18MT chicsColumbus, MT0.00382.05 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

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