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Shape Up Activity Leader Board

The Shape Up Montana Leader Board displays the average miles per team member. For privacy, we won't display any weight information. This information will be posted on a weekly basis to provide feedback and help encourage logging. Use the records dropdown to select how many records to display on the page. Click the column heading to change the sorting and use the included search functionality to find your team.

Date Posted: 04/23 08:11pm

Division Fresh Start

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1Workin HardEast Helena, MT0.00283.12 miles
2BGCRCSidney, MT0.00161.07 miles
3Lovely LadiesKalsipell, MT0.00204.46 miles
4Just the "few" of usAlberton, MT0.00141.52 miles
5No Rep NinjasBillings, MT0.00777.56 miles
6SismuffinRyegate, MT0.00333.09 miles
7MRI starsGlasgow, MT0.00168.38 miles
8Madison Valley Goal DiggersEnnis, MT0.00179.36 miles
9Rocky's WalkersBillings, MT0.00254.52 miles
10Madison Valley DivasEnnis, MT0.0039.93 miles
11Muffin Top MavensHelena, MT0.00579.36 miles
12Not Fast, Just FuriousHelena, MT0.00471.54 miles
13Doin It!Billings, MT0.00196.19 miles
14Team Tawanda!Great Falls, MT0.00152.20 miles
15We Are Literally the Health DepartmentLibby, MT0.00403.77 miles
16Thing 1Bozeman, MT0.00193.05 miles
17Thing 2Bozeman, MT0.00292.49 miles
18Magnificent SevenBroadus, MT0.00262.49 miles
19RHS RockStarsRoundup, MT0.00400.45 miles
20Veterans Upward BoundBillings, MT0.00377.89 miles
21Records RunnersBillings, MT0.00329.70 miles
22The Street WalkersLewistown, MT0.00315.66 miles
23Ortho Montana GirlsBillings, MT0.00286.13 miles
24FCB Money HoneysHinsdale, MT0.00167.39 miles
25Straight Outta Compliance (Compton)Laurel, MT0.00293.46 miles
26Happy FeetBillings, MT0.00184.62 miles
27Holy WalkamoliesHelena, MT0.00342.56 miles
28Warehouse PIAs 1Billings, MT0.00429.32 miles
29Warehouse PIAs 2Billings, MT0.00581.68 miles
30BC Team ChiBillings, MT0.00127.05 miles
31Mission SlimpossibleBillings, MT0.00279.54 miles
32Westend WarriorsBillings, MT0.0078.09 miles
33EBMS House of CarbsBillings, MT0.00133.99 miles
34Gods with hot BodsBillings, MT0.00290.14 miles
35coffee first!Boulder, MT0.00198.33 miles
36Weigh to goAshland, MT0.005,786.68 miles
37DOWL Skinny MinniesBillings, MT0.001,064.51 miles
38Billings Clinic RLRShepherd, MT0.00348.31 miles
39The Bod SquadBillings, MT0.00426.18 miles
40ZippersRyegate, MT0.00249.67 miles
41Fit BuddiesBillings, MT0.00205.94 miles
42Crazy EightsShawmut, MT0.00233.47 miles
43Twisted BlistersBillings, MT0.00275.50 miles
44Fit BifsEmigrant, MT0.00329.83 miles
45Dave's SlackersBillings, MT0.00282.04 miles
46Flab FourSheridan, WY0.00221.88 miles
47We Like To Move ItThree Forks, MT0.00243.90 miles
48oneHealthMiles City, MT0.00130.74 miles
49Blister SistersBillings, MT0.00208.51 miles
50Financial DriversKalispell, MT0.00406.13 miles
51Get 2 It!Billings, MT0.00120.70 miles
52CSI ChicksBillings, MT0.00186.45 miles
53Working Our Assessors OffMissoula, MT0.00412.87 miles
54Billings Clinic IPUBillings, MT0.00216.86 miles
55Raylene Made Us Do ItColumbus, MT0.00185.16 miles
56Valley3Billings, MT0.00438.26 miles
57Valley1Billings, MT0.00427.15 miles
58Valley2Billings, MT0.00353.91 miles
59The Special EditionsStanford, MT0.00100.49 miles
60The 6 PactFromberg, MT0.00378.12 miles
61Flab-u-lessBillings, MT0.00204.68 miles
62Eureka Middle School #1Rexford, MT0.00434.42 miles
63Lambert School Team 1Lambert, MT0.00207.66 miles
64Eureka Public SchoolsEureka, MT0.00670.97 miles
65Like SteeleBillings, MT0.00432.28 miles
66The L TeamLambert, MT0.0065.57 miles
67Criminal MischiefHelena, MT0.00186.12 miles
68Blood SuckersShepherd, MT0.00233.36 miles
69Purple RockstarsPlevna, MT0.00496.34 miles
70The Walking TreadGreat Falls, MT0.00421.11 miles
71Malta Team 3.14Malta, MT0.00221.17 miles
72Roy Pirates 1Roy, MT0.00413.43 miles
73Roy Pirates 2Roy, MT0.00321.37 miles
74MustangsColstrip, MT0.00470.58 miles
75HateradeHelena, MT0.00600.92 miles
76Get Fit FriendsBillings, MT0.00262.43 miles
77Muscle Matt and the Swole SistersImperial, NE0.00536.23 miles
78Region IVGlasgow, MT0.00170.68 miles
79Willow Creek TaskmastersWillow Creek, MT0.00293.17 miles
80drainiacsBillings, MT0.00242.49 miles
81Home Health MunchkinsColumbus, MT0.00133.02 miles
82OHS VikingsOpheim, MT0.00108.65 miles
83The AgentsBillings, MT0.00118.57 miles
84Take it to the TopGildford, MT0.00913.28 miles
85MCFO BLM Hammer TimeMiles City, MT0.00197.34 miles
86Runnin' On EmptyHysham, MT0.00207.06 miles
87Shape Up Not OutInverness, MT0.00395.57 miles
88The ProjectButte, MT0.00500.17 miles
89Lean Healthy CutiesLivingston, MT0.00238.64 miles
90Hotline HottiesLivingston, MT0.00124.76 miles
91Tigger’s teamColstrip, MT0.00319.33 miles
92GraffstersLaurel, MT0.00433.62 miles
93Crazy 8'sBillings, MT0.00287.88 miles
94RiverviewMiles City, MT0.00308.69 miles
95Wishful ShrinkingHingham, MT0.00300.76 miles
96Dwindling DivasCut Bank, MT0.00115.50 miles
97Book LendersBillings, MT0.00130.14 miles
98Team EnvisionClinton, MT0.0067.93 miles
99CB First Interstate BankCut Bank, MT0.00311.71 miles
100Roundup ElementaryRoundup, MT0.00213.75 miles
101Bench BeesBillings, MT0.00230.25 miles
102Agony of Da FeetLivingston, MT0.00207.84 miles
103Native American Development CorporationBillings, MT0.00108.21 miles
104Fabulous FiveGreat Falls, MT0.00484.89 miles
105Blazin BombersBillings, MT0.00337.40 miles
10602 CREWBillings, MT0.00306.51 miles
107RSH Waist ManagementLaurel, MT0.0056.06 miles
108RSH Comfort QueensBillings, MT0.00221.34 miles
109FIT to be TRIEDMolt, MT0.00463.60 miles
110RSH Steppin SistersBillings, MT0.00229.35 miles
111Smooth CriminalsHelena, MT0.00316.03 miles
112NeighborWorksGreat Falls, MT0.00134.61 miles
113FlabULessDutton, MT0.00248.94 miles
114Hi-Line Breezy BabesCut Bank, MT0.00321.25 miles
115KilaKalispell, MT0.00243.41 miles
116CougarsKalispell, MT0.00328.88 miles
117JCI Soaring StarsBillings, MT0.00347.59 miles
118RSH-Convert I:FAT/FS:ExFatBillings, MT0.00629.10 miles
119Oddly Shaped BureaucratsGreat Falls, MT0.00266.90 miles
120The Floor ShakersBillings, MT0.00268.99 miles
121Rebellious AllianceCulbertson, MT0.00269.58 miles
122TMGBillings, MT0.00364.22 miles
123Freedah's Fit PharmCut Bank, MT0.00534.80 miles
124Dump Your RumpLaurel, MT0.00164.87 miles
125BC Miles City All StarsMiles City, MT0.00239.22 miles
126No Teacher's Behind LeftBonner, MT0.00168.14 miles
127HDR 1Billings, MT0.00332.15 miles
128HDR 2Billings, MT0.00205.39 miles
129HDR 3Billings, MT0.00306.05 miles
130Stillwater StompersColumbus, MT0.00156.30 miles
131Pair-a-Thighs LostMiles City, MT0.00319.97 miles
132Wolf Pack FacultyThree Forks, MT0.00213.22 miles
133One STEP at a TimeBillings, MT0.00417.55 miles
134New DimensionBillings, MT0.00184.72 miles
135Billings Women SuperstarsBillings, MT0.00131.39 miles
136The Real Slim Shady'sBillings, MT0.00396.24 miles
1373rd Floor Corner CrewBillings, MT0.00212.49 miles
138MT Mission SlimpossibleCut Bank, MT0.00553.16 miles
139The Great Falls Smelter MeltersGreat Falls, MT0.00249.93 miles
140The Last of the ThundercatsHelena, MT0.0066.31 miles
141Ship-Faced Kalispell KrewKalispell, MT0.00356.74 miles
142Bod Remod SquadMissoula, MT0.00147.73 miles
143CTA GuysBillings, MT0.00253.27 miles
144Let's Get FiscalBillings, MT0.00103.74 miles
145The BreakersLewistown, MT0.0093.48 miles
146Access Montana -Team 1Ronan, MT0.00347.41 miles
147Access Montana - Team 2Ronan, MT0.00206.73 miles
148Gym class herosLaurel, MT0.00176.88 miles
149CB Road RunnersCut Bank, MT0.00446.28 miles
150Trouble MakersBillings, MT0.00219.54 miles
151RMC Sole SurvivorsHelena, MT0.00504.10 miles
152Rocky PowerhouseHelena, MT0.00876.15 miles
153Miles4LifeSheridan, WY0.00432.44 miles
154RHCC1Forsyth, MT0.00178.01 miles
155RMTLCBillings, MT0.00236.18 miles
156BC - The IT CrowdBillings, MT0.00283.72 miles
157The PipettesLivingston, MT0.00384.66 miles
158RHCC2Forsyth, MT0.00299.55 miles
159Bank of Bridger 1Bridger, MT0.00454.60 miles
160Bank of Bridger 2Bridger, MT0.00387.75 miles
161Stockholm Syndrome StartersMissoula, MT0.00138.13 miles
162Breakfast BuddiesBillings, MT0.00205.15 miles
163Sweet Sassy MolassyBillings, MT0.00126.60 miles
164Lawful LeanersSidney, MT0.00103.13 miles
165WCS Team BBozeman, MT0.00145.09 miles
166Step Up DEMCBillings, MT0.00210.74 miles
167Glacier ShakersCut Bank, MT0.00265.39 miles
168Stockman Bank Cut BankCut Bank, MT0.00220.57 miles
169Billman'sCut Bank, MT0.00337.67 miles
170MMIAHelena, MT0.00135.99 miles
171All Full of BusinessCut Bank, MT0.00137.82 miles
172IV LeagueCut Bank, MT0.00767.92 miles
173Lame Deer MorningstarsLame Deer, MT0.00115.55 miles
174Let's Get PhysicalColumbus, MT0.00283.42 miles
175Benton Butt BustersFort Benton, MT0.00162.82 miles
176Queens of Cut BankCut Bank, MT0.00229.72 miles
177Custer Cougars UpperCuster, MT0.00145.89 miles
178Custer Cougars LowerCuster, MT0.0073.79 miles
179doin' it 2Billings, MT0.0015.33 miles
180HR Movers and ShakersBillings, MT0.00211.39 miles
181Jump On ItBillings, MT0.00353.99 miles
18250 Shades of GreyBillings, MT0.00241.93 miles
183Robins RebelsHavre, MT0.00354.33 miles
184Rockin' RobinsHavre, MT0.00373.52 miles
185Motivated DingleberriesBillings, MT0.00393.83 miles
186Crow Fit Team 1Hardin, MT0.0063.55 miles
187Crow Fit Team 2Lodge Grass, MT0.0026.04 miles
188Crow Fit Team 3Crow Agency, MT0.0051.54 miles
1895 girls and a guyCut Bank, MT0.00248.10 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Total Fit

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1Shape Up Montana Official Test TeamBillings, MT0.0011.82 miles
2FlabberblastersBillings, MT0.00613.70 miles
3Running AmokBillings, MT0.00674.35 miles
4Team SAMHelena, MT0.00446.30 miles
5Java JunkiesBillings, MT0.00548.75 miles
6WaisTEDHelena, MT0.00549.32 miles
7Drug RunnersLivingston, MT0.00320.06 miles
8DNRC Helena Walking WondersHelena, MT0.00340.23 miles
9CrossFit JunkiesBillings, MT0.00100.60 miles
10Shed the LeadHelena, MT0.00201.45 miles
11Happy CampersMissoula, MT0.00173.55 miles
12BC HeartThrobsBillings, MT0.00215.13 miles
13CU Remotely CommittedStevensville, MT0.00477.53 miles
14TD&H-ettesGreat Falls, MT0.00371.24 miles
15TD&H - Tall, Dark & HandsomeGreat Falls, MT0.00360.04 miles
16FLASHClinton, MT0.00314.15 miles
17VISTA FitBillings, MT0.00461.90 miles
18Orange PowerBillings, MT0.00974.21 miles
19Wellness WarriorsCut Bank, MT0.00584.38 miles
20InvinciblesBillings, MT0.00389.98 miles
21Vitamin DBig Timber, MT0.00380.63 miles
22GIFsHelena, MT0.00498.72 miles
23Weight No MoreBozeman, MT0.00466.86 miles
24EBMS lean QueensBillings, MT0.00385.24 miles
25Just Us KidsWibaux, MT0.00404.92 miles
26BOD SquadEast Helena, MT0.00872.50 miles
27Winifred Workout WondersWinifred, MT0.00193.20 miles
28FIB Bozeman MainBozeman, MT0.00599.75 miles
29Mining City MarchersButte, MT0.00457.60 miles
30Team Awesome AnalytreksClancy, MT0.00341.59 miles
31EverFit Montana - Go Go GirlsBillings, MT0.00808.20 miles
32Super Human ResourcesButte, MT0.00260.66 miles
33Team JeffersonGlendive, MT0.00120.14 miles
34Electric City StrollersGreat Falls, MT0.00239.77 miles
35HaphazardZurich, MT0.00293.86 miles
36Plan to MoveBillings, MT0.00134.14 miles
37Pavement PoundersMissoula, MT0.00496.80 miles
38BC Outpatient Care ManagementBillings, MT0.00189.54 miles
39Shockwave Commando SquadHelena, MT0.00413.39 miles
40Headed for the HillsHelena, MT0.00548.46 miles
41We Bleed BlueHelena, MT0.00350.92 miles
42Hiking GangHelena, MT0.00949.88 miles
43GCHCCut Bank, MT0.00288.16 miles
44Pirates of Motiva,Led by Captain BleyHelena, MT0.00345.24 miles
45EverFit Montana- Bod SquadBillings, MT221.33603.61 miles
46Hot SquatsBillings, MT0.00521.16 miles
47EverFit MontanaBillings, MT0.00439.74 miles
48Thompson Falls IThompson Falls, MT0.00435.32 miles
49RSH Shape Up or Ship OutBillings, MT0.00171.69 miles
50RSH Nible NineBillings, MT0.00406.38 miles
51RSH BA's (Bakko's Angels)Billings, MT0.00242.33 miles
52Research for WellnessBillings, MT0.00263.53 miles
53Hungry Hungry HippasLivingston, MT0.00520.39 miles
54Montana's BestButte, MT0.00495.79 miles
55Davidson Calorie BytesFort Shaw, MT0.00134.23 miles
56Cupcake Addicts AnonymousBozeman, MT0.00208.86 miles
57Sanderson StewartBillings, MT0.00145.32 miles
58What The FitHelena, MT0.00281.07 miles
59Ronan harvest runningRonan, MT0.00189.10 miles
60Stuck in the MiddleCut Bank, MT0.00436.97 miles
61Something PositiveWorden, MT0.00249.82 miles
62Super Heroes In TrainingBillings, MT0.00295.19 miles
63The Flab-u-less-5Livingston, MT0.00114.11 miles
64des femmes merveilleusesBozeman, MO0.00309.25 miles
65Basement FolkBillings, MT0.00216.96 miles
66Five Four FiveBozeman, MT0.00433.13 miles
67Columbus Boot CampColumbus, MT0.00798.46 miles
68Avitus Team Miles CityBillings, MT0.00116.82 miles
69Avitus GroupBillings, MT0.00193.27 miles
70Great Falls FitbittersGreat Falls, MT0.00253.27 miles
71The Champions of the SunBillings, MT0.00787.68 miles
72Wild Women of the YMCABillings, MT0.001,176.40 miles
73Funning on EmptyCut Bank, MT0.00129.81 miles
74The Circuit Women in Fitness GalsBillings, MT0.00285.09 miles
75OPI Powerful Peeps 1Helena, MT0.00158.92 miles
76Team StatewideLaurel, MT0.00481.11 miles
77SAMHelena, MT0.00542.78 miles
78OPI Powerful PeepsHelena, MT0.00293.94 miles
79Whitefish WarriorsWhitefish, MT0.00454.55 miles
80Sole SistersHelena, MT0.00257.28 miles
81UndecidedHelena, MT0.00295.19 miles
82Team PrancerciseGreat Falls, MT0.00147.91 miles
83Chicks with KicksSheridan, MT0.0084.53 miles
84BC Life SaversColumbus, MT0.00306.64 miles
85Conrad UnitedConrad, MT0.00439.60 miles
86EverFit Montana - Boss BabesBillings, MT0.00312.07 miles
87Fit Body Boot CampBillings, MT0.00131.16 miles
88Yin-YangBillings, MT0.001,063.39 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

Division Activity - Family

  Team Name Location Average Age Average Activity*
1Potato Dumpling GangSheridan, MT0.00451.89 miles
2Lost CauseMissoula, MT0.00482.84 miles
3HolyMohlyRed Lodge, MT0.0015.03 miles
4R.I.O.T (running is our therapy)Victor, MT1.22441.59 miles
5SpracklinsSidney, MT0.00423.72 miles
6Team AwesomeBillings, MT0.00297.74 miles
7Team McHugeBillings, MT0.00632.71 miles
8Raaums Rock ItCulbertson, MT0.00336.27 miles
9AMayesingLaurel, MT0.00296.52 miles
10DependsSidney, MT0.00458.58 miles
11The Motivated MoversBillings, MT0.00607.42 miles
12T T J FamilyGlasgow, MT0.00280.83 miles
13MalKaiBozeman, MT0.00535.61 miles
14Irish LosersBillings, MT0.00161.98 miles
15Crawford ClanHeart Butte, MT0.00431.12 miles
16Family Fit NutsBillings, MT0.00405.49 miles
17Wall-a-winnersSunburst, MT0.00266.81 miles
18WarriorsBillings, MT0.00541.61 miles
19Blister Sisters and Bros that GoesBillings, MT0.0077.08 miles
20Wedding Shape UpMissoula, MT0.0067.73 miles

*Average per member on team since program start (Feb 1).

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